Kozminsky Academy is the best business education

Kozminsky Academy is the best business education

International students are more guided by the Financial Times rating, in which the university looks quite attractive, as well as due to the competitive cost of education and relatively high earnings of graduates. Leon Kozminski Academy is also very popular among Polish students, for whom it is becoming increasingly a choice number one. Recruitment for the academic year 2014/2015 went very well, despite the demographic decline in Poland and high competition in the domestic market among public universities, where tuition is free. More than two thousand new students are admitted to the university to study all programs of I and II degrees. “Graduates return to us for postgraduate studies, MBA, PhD and recommend our university to friends and acquaintances,” said Sylvia Halas-Day, director educational programs and ALK development. – We regard this fact as an expression of trust and satisfaction with the education received. We are also pleased with their professional success, which we constantly monitor. We try to ensure that our postgraduate offers meet the educational expectations of, in particular, graduates and employers. We create new programs for their needs. ”In the ranking of European business schools in 2014, the Financial Times this year won London Business School (UK), second place went to HEC Paris (France), and third – the Spanish IE Business School. Among the 80 best educational institutions included in the ranking, most of the UK – 21 universities and France – 19 universities. Eastern Europe is represented mainly by public universities, of which the highest place is occupied by St. Petersburg University (61); further – the University of Economics in Prague, the Warsaw University of Economics (SGH) and the Hungarian Corvinus, respectively, ranked from 77 to 79. The youngest in this company (and the only private) higher education institution was the Leon Kozminski Academy, which, however, brightly ahead of them all. ALK rose to the high 41st position with confidence, presenting a set of available international accreditations AASCB, EQUIS and AMBA. Leon Kozminsky Academy is a higher education institution of a wide business profile with full academic credentials. It is the only university in Poland that is internationally accredited by AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA and CEEMAN and has received excellent marks from the Polish Accreditation Commission for the fields of Management, Law and Administration. According to Polish national and international rankings, it is the best Polish business university and a leader in management training in Central and Eastern Europe. It is also the most internationalized higher education institution in Poland: about a thousand foreigners from more than 60 nationalities study there. A total of 8,000 people are studying for bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral and postgraduate programs. You can get professional advice on studying at Polish universities, obtaining a Polish visa and a Polish card, as well as studying the Polish language in Ukraine and Poland, by calling EUROSTUDY – (044) 200-28-40.

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A unique opportunity to personally consult with the principals of British schools

Exhibition of British boarding schools in Kiev

The Business Link educational agency, which specializes in education in the UK, invites to the ninth annual exhibition of British boarding schools! Families who are considering secondary education in England for their children (7 to 18 years old) are invited to the exhibition. exhibitions:

personal interviews with principals of British schools (interpreters work at the stands); expert advice on British education; thematic seminars; discounts and scholarships from British schools; meetings with our children who are already studying in England; interviews, tests and exams for children.

Personal live communication with school principals, school representatives and students allows parents to feel the “right” school for their child and make the final decision. Visiting the exhibition is free, by prior registration. Only British boarding schools will be represented at the exhibition. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet in person with the principals of 23 British private schools over one weekend! The maximum number of visitors is 250 families. Exhibition hours: 11: 00-17: 00, February 21, Saturday; 12: 00-17: 00, February 22, Sunday.

Venue: Hyatt Hotel, Kyiv, st. A. Tarasova, 5.

Register for the exhibition at the following link.


A meeting with the director of the admissions committee of CATS Academy Boston will take place on November 24

50% discount on schooling in the USA

On November 24, from 15:20 to 18:00, the Grade Education Center will host a meeting with the director of the admissions committee of one of the best American private schools, CATS Academy Boston.Patrick Couture will conduct personal interviews and consultations with schoolchildren and their parents, present CATS Academy and a special offer for Ukrainian students – tuition fees for US citizens, which is 2 times lower than the cost for students from other countries.50% discount on CATS Academy in Boston for Ukrainian students!The meeting with the director of the CATS Academy Boston Admissions Committee will be useful for high school students who plan to continue their education in the United States and enter an American university, as well as their parents who want to provide their children with a prestigious American education at an affordable price.Event schedule

15: 20–16: 00 – individual consultations and interviews; 16: 00-16: 40 – presentation of the school; 16: 40-18: 00 – individual consultations and interviews.

To take part in the meeting, you must register or contact the Grade Education Center consultants by phone: (044) 239 71 54.

register online

CATS Academy Boston is the first American branch of the international network CATS College, which has been specializing in school education and preparation for admission to the best universities in the United States and the United Kingdom for more than 60 years.Last year, CATS Academy graduates entered absolutely all American universities, with 78% of them receiving scholarships. 93% of school graduates received an invitation from two or more universities.



“Prepare a sleigh in the summer” – advises folk wisdom. When applied to education, this should be understood as caring for your child’s future long before he or she enters university.

Private boarding schools in different countries

In order not to lose a year in the preparatory department of a foreign university, it is better to start preparing for admission much earlier. The best helper in this will be a boarding school. Excellent knowledge of basic and additional subjects, absolute knowledge of one or more foreign languages, broad outlook, excellent sports training, knowledge of etiquette and a developed sense of taste… And as a bonus – communication with students from different countries, valuable personal contacts, the ability to think independently, the ability to argue their point of view, to interact effectively in a team and to be a leader. In short, the benefits of studying in private boarding schools – schools where children live during the learning process, and if necessary on vacation. It is believed that this type of school is most suitable for students from abroad. PRIVATE SCHOOLS-PENSIONS UK here are the main advantages of the British education system. Private schools do not depend on public investment and therefore determine their own curriculum. The British model of school education is recognized as the most successful not only in Europe but also almost all over the world. Education in private boarding schools in the UK lab reports writer is considered very prestigious, as it is graduates of private schools who get the highest scores in exams and enter the most prestigious universities not only in the UK but also in the world. You can live on campus in the school and in the host families. Build the curriculum as close as possible to state standards or a unique school program. Various boarding schools offer to develop either sports skills or creative abilities, to pay more attention to either the exact or humanities, etc. As a rule, private boarding schools are located in old castles or large estates, in picturesque places away from the city, where children study and live in a residence on the territory of the school. Boarding schools do not accept everyone. British boarding schools value their image much higher than finances, which is not surprising, since many of them are over 300 years old. To be selected, it is necessary to demonstrate sufficient knowledge of English, to give high marks in school subjects, to demonstrate awards for participation in sports and scientific competitions. Private schools accept students from other countries from 5 to 17 years, but the best age to enter private boarding school – 8-10 years. At this age, the child is “mature” enough to live independently, and he still has a lot of time to learn foreign languages ​​and subjects necessary for further study in foreign universities. A great way to improve their knowledge for schoolchildren of all ages is the British Concord College Boarding School. This school is located in a picturesque place, very close to the school buildings are the ruins of an ancient castle.